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Which screencapture system in the best?

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Please share your answers here.

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Hi, I can highlight a few that I used myself and that I liked, unlike others.
AVS Video Editor It is positioned as a full-featured editor, but its tool for capturing images from a computer screen deserves a separate description and consideration. The implementation is so laconic that any elementary school student interested in creating video content can cope with recording a video. Nevertheless, there are all professional functions: resizing in intercept mode, scaling, drawing, selection, mounting. The parameters for receiving the picture and sound are fine-tuned, and at the end you can use the editing functions to compose a full-fledged clip, letsplay or video guide, calculate it for the parameters of a tablet or Android phone of a certain brand.
Filmora Scrn is an easy to use screen recording tool for all PC users.
Bandicam Bandicam is a great program that allows you to capture video from your monitor, record games, movies, and take screenshots. It is noteworthy that during shooting, you can also capture a certain part of the screen, for this it is enough to select the area of ​​interest. The resulting content is quite compact and high quality at the same time. Screens can be obtained in popular BMP, JPEG and PNG extensions. Compared to most of its counterparts, the Bandicam utility is famous for its acceptable system requirements and does not overload the processor or RAM. You will be able to record the game without lags in excellent FullHD quality.

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I use Lightshot to make screenshots and think that it is the best app